The Project Anarchy Mobile Game Development Challenge is a skill-based contest designed to reward game developers who make awesome games using Havok's free mobile game engine, Project Anarchy. Game Developers have a chance to get their hands on some of the same technologies as used in Assassin’s Creed 4, Halo 4 and Skyrim, and an opportunity to win a grand prize of $100,000!

With features like an extensible C++ architecture, a flexible asset management system, advanced Lua debugging, rapid prototyping with the vSceneViewer functionality, full integration with fmod® and Autodesk® Scaleform®, and customizable game samples and tutorials, Project Anarchy offers developers the ability to quickly iterate on their ideas and create incredible gaming experiences. There are absolutely no revenue restrictions to develop games using Project Anarchy. Final Submission deadline is May 31, 2014.




Submit your game content by February 1, 2014 for a chance to showcase your game at GDC in March and an opportunity to win $10,000!

Developers who enter submissions by February 1, 2014 are eligible to receive  feedback from Havok's world-class team on how you can improve your game for final  submission. Up to ten Early Submission Finalists will be chosen to showcase and promote their games at Havok's booth @ GDC in March, and one lucky winner will receive $10,000 cash (plus be eligible to win the $100,000 grand prize)! 

Here's What you Need to do for Early Submissions:

  • SIGN UP for the Project Anarchy Community
  • DOWNLOAD Project Anarchy
  • REGISTER for the contest and provide us with details on your game
  • Email to obtain an SFTP account.
  • Upload a playable version of the game, a video and 4 game screenshots



CREATE ANARCHY is open to: 

  • Adults 18 and over ONLY: Sorry kids, we know you're technically "the future" but for now we adults get to have all the fun.
  • Location, location, location: This is an international contest, but unfortunately we couldn't include everyone due to legal restrictions. For a full list of eligible countries, please check the Official Rules.
  • Free & Clear: Contestants must not be under conflicting contractual or legal restrictions. 
  • Can't work for THE MAN: Here at Havok we are SO excited about this competition that we have to put this in writing so that our own, awesome and creative employees don't try to sneak one by us. You know who you are, now get back to work! 
  • Teamwork Makes it Happen: Teams and companies are eligible, just make sure to appoint a team leader, captain, admiral, emperor or grand marshal to speak for your team. Select your representative in any manner you choose, we here at Havok do NOT suggest fight to the death. At all.  
  • Sorry Russia, we swear this isn't personal: Russian residents, you can enter as a team or individual, but not as part of a company. Please refer to our Official Rules.
  • Official Rules: Did you notice that we have an Official Rules section? Get used to seeing us point you there, this isn't the last time we'll suggest it!



By submitting an entry, you agree to be bound by the Official Rules, so please read them carefully! 

1. Follow the steps in the "How to Enter" section.

2. Your game must be in English or have an available English translation.

3. Make your game as permitted by the Project Anarchy end user license agreement

4. Make sure your game boots, doesn't have offensive content, utilizes content that you have full rights and permissions to use, isn't a virus in disguise, and... in fact, this is a long list. Have you heard we have an Official Rules section? Go check it out! 

5. Submit your game by February 1, 2014 (Early Submission) or by May 31, 2014 (final submission deadline.)

Pro Tip: Obtaining approval from the relevant App Store can take an unpredictable amount of time. Make sure you give yourselves enough time to get your game submitted and posted in the App Store for submission! 

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$150,000 in prizes

Grand Prize

$100,000 plus one Project Anarchy PC License

2nd Prize

$25,000 plus one Project Anarchy PC License

3rd Prize

$15,000 plus one Project Anarchy PC License

Early Submission Winner

$10,000 plus invite to showcase your game in Havok's booth at GDC San Francisco, March 17-21, 2014


Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

DEVELOPERS: Start Your Engines! 



Anna Kipnis

Anna Kipnis
Senior Gameplay Programmer at Double Fine

Chandana Ekanayake

Chandana Ekanayake
Art Director at Uber Entertainment

Louise O'Connor

Louise O'Connor
Art Director at Rare, Ltd.

Phil Tossell

Phil Tossell
Game Creator at Nyamyam, Ltd.

Robin Hunicke

Robin Hunicke
CEO of Funomena

Zak McClendon

Zak McClendon
Design Director at Harmonix

Judging Criteria

  • Entertainment Value
    Is it fun or captivating?
  • Visual Design
    Is it visually appealing?
  • Use of Technology
    Is the technology used in innovative ways? Does it perform well?
  • Controls and Input
    Is it easy to use and intuitive?
  • Originality
    Is the concept new and different?

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